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Puerto Viejo

Route 36 bridge not expected until Wednesday

A Bailey bridge reestablishing transit on Route 36 near Penshurst, Limón, isn't expected to be ready until Wednesday, authorities said.

Tourism vs. ecosystem: Dock project angers some in Puerto Viejo

The Puerto Viejo dock is included as part of the Costa Rican Government’s initiative to boost tourism to the country’s Caribbean coast.

Photos: A weekend in Puerto Viejo

Tico Times photographer Jacob Spetzler recently spent a weekend in Puerto Viejo.

Bribri Springs Brewery: Bending the craft beer rules in Puerto Viejo

Justin Tayler “JT” Ficociello is a happy craft beer brewer. The U.S. expat lives in Puerto Viejo and gets to do what he loves ever since he was a 14-year-old teenager in Vermont.

The Tico Times’ March print edition: Puerto Viejo, safe travels and more

Our new edition will dive into the country's unique Caribbean coast.

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica: Speeding Killing Animals & Reshaping Mobility

Having seen the deaths of domestic and wild animals, and even the recent death of a woman, local residents are doing everything they can to feel safer.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: Rough Edges and Rich Culture

Puerto Viejo isn’t for everyone. If you need your beach vacation to be peppered with air conditioned rooms and restaurants; if you can’t comfortably share your room with the occasional gecko; if you get upset over spotty internet and power outages, then you might be better off visiting somewhere else. But if you can accept Puerto Viejo for its flaws, it will accept you and yours.

Off the eaten path: Lidia’s Place

Lidia's Place has turned into a must-stop in Puerto Viejo.

The Tico Times visits Puerto Viejo

Our editorial team will visit Puerto Viejo from Dec. 8-16 for in-depth coverage of one of Costa Rica’s most beloved destinations.

October in Costa Rica: when the Caribbean comes a’callin’

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

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