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Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court tells Talamanca: You can’t declare environmentalist expats ‘personas non grata’ 

Two expats in Costa Rica have won an appeal against the local government of Talamanca, which declared the foreigners “personas non grata" in the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo for being “environmentalists,” according to a statement from the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The Old Port: A low season snapshot of Puerto Viejo and the southern Caribbean

  They say Puerto Viejo is a party town. Surfers lazily flip flop around the old port toward the infamous waves of Salsa Brava, take...

Delicious take-aways from the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival

Confirming what we already knew, last weekend's Puerto Viejo Chocolate festival proved that chocolate goes well with everything.

Health Ministry shuts down Chocolate Festival

A large crowd gathered at Hot Rocks bar in Puerto Viejo Friday for the opening ceremonies of the third annual Chocolate Festival, only to have the event shut down by the Health Ministry. The community festival was planned to celebrate Puerto Viejo's re-emerging chocolate scene.

Puerto Viejo to host third annual chocolate festival

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is small beans compared to Puerto Viejo.

President voices support for extending moratorium on maritime zone evictions

The president said he envisions the moratorium extending to other coastal communities on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. While much of the attention regarding the Maritime Zone Law has focused on the inhabitants of the Caribbean coast, residents on the Pacific coast also are affected.

A posh getaway in the Caribbean

In 2004, Banana Azul co-owner Colin Brownlee thought he’d be hosting backpackers. But Internet marketing brought him fancier guests, and he’s been upgrading the property ever since.

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