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Reminder: New Costa Rica coronavirus restrictions begin today

New vehicular and business restrictions in the Costa Rica Central Valley take effect for May 2021.

Costa Rica coronavirus data for Tuesday, April 13

Costa Rica has accumulated a total of 3,044 deaths related to Covid-19.

Costa Rica stresses protocols as cases, hospitalizations increase

The Healthy Ministry warned of rising coronavirus cases and Covid-19 hospitalizations in Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica uses horseshoe crab blood in medicine

Many of the current regulations related to horseshoe crabs focus on commercial fishing, ignoring their rapidly growing role in the medical device and vaccine industries.

Costa Rica readies second study of equine serum to treat Covid

Costa Rica is beginning a second study of the application of equine serum in Covid-19 patients.

Costa Rica’s equine plasma coronavirus treatment not as effective as initially hoped

Treating coronavirus patients with an antibody-rich serum made from horse plasma has produced worse results than originally hoped, Costa Rican authorities said. 

Costa Rica bets on equine plasma to lower Covid-19 hospitalizations

An antiviral treatment made with plasma from immunized horses is Costa Rica's hope to face the coronavirus pandemic.

Costa Rica begins clinical trials of equine plasma for coronavirus patients

Costa Rica on Monday began clinical trials of antibody-rich plasma that has been extracted from horses with the purpose of treating COVID-19 patients.

Costa Rica-made plasma shown to inhibit coronavirus, ready for clinical trials: UCR

Costa Rica is set to begin clinical trials on antibody-rich plasma that has been extracted from horses with the purpose of treating COVID-19 patients. 

Hundreds of gay couples sign up for expanded health insurance coverage in Costa Rica

Hundreds of same-sex couples have successfully applied to insure their partners after the Costa Rican Social Security System board of directors voted to expand health care benefits, a policy that went into effect a year ago Tuesday. Some of the highest acceptance rates occurred in rural areas.

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