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Public health system

Public workers tell the Costa Rican government to leave their salaries alone

Hundreds of public employees from Costa Rican schools, universities and hospitals on Friday morning marched from downtown San José to Casa Presidencial, in the southeast district of Zapote, to oppose government-proposed salary measures.

Caja to offer emergency care only on Holy Thursday, Friday

The Caja will operate normally from Monday to Wednesday of the holiday week.

Costa Rica’s public hospitals to offer fast HIV screening starting next year

Officials at the Social Security System (Caja) on Thursday confirmed that next year they will begin offering a quick new test for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, that returns results within two hours.

Change in calculation of monthly deductions confuses Caja’s insurance holders

An increase in the amounts deducted by the Costa Rican Social Security System (Caja) this month surprised many who wonder about the origin of the increase they saw in their social security slip.

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