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Ancient footprints re-write humanity’s history in the Americas

The footprints were left in mud on the banks of a long-since dried up lake, which is now part of a New Mexico desert.

Costa Rica, others, seek to halt artefacts auction in Germany

The seven Cocle Parita- and Cocle Conte-style pottery vessels claimed by the country are among more than 300 pre-Hispanic objects from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia and Peru.

Hundreds of pre-Columbian artifacts returned to Costa Rica

Costa Rica repatriated more than 1,300 pre-Columbian artifacts that had been exported from the country by Minor Keith, the National Museum reported Wednesday. This represents...

Pre-Columbian tombs halt construction on Route 1 highway

An archaeological evaluation prior to the expansion of the main highway in Costa Rica revealed the presence of four pre-Columbian tombs, clay pots and...

National Museum restoring Costa Rica’s largest pre-Columbian sphere

The sphere weighs 24 tons and with a diameter of 2.66 meters. 

U.S. Embassy funds research to preserve Costa Rica’s famous stone spheres

The National Museum of Costa Rica will use the information generated by the study to outline a plan for redirecting river flows and for protecting the archaeological sites at Finca 6.

Photos: National Museum of Costa Rica, from mastodons to Minerva

The National Museum of Costa Rica is an eye-opening walk through the history of this country, with a splendid detour to ancient Greece.

Finca 6: Mystery of ancient Costa Rica stone spheres solved?

The truth is out there: At Finca 6, the mystery of pre-Columbian Costa Rica stone spheres doesn't seem so mysterious after all.

Costa Rican art dealer receives yet another probation sentence for deceptively selling archaeological items

A German civil court in Munich on Friday sentenced Leonardo Patterson, a Costa Rican art dealer living in Germany, to three years probation for “deceptively selling a piece of recent manufacture as an archaeological artifact of Mexican origin to a German citizen.”

Spanish court acquits Tico accused of smuggling pre-Columbian art

"Objects taken out of the country do not belong to Spain, but to Latin American countries," a criminal judge stated in the ruling.

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