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Pope Francis

Costa Rica’s Catholic Church to take more activist role on environment following Pope’s call to action

Costa Rica’s Catholic Church is looking to take a stronger stance nationally on the environment following Pope Francis' encyclical on the subject.

Pope urges better care for the Amazon, political dialogue in Ecuador

"Ecuador - together with other countries with Amazonian land -- has a chance to practice the teachings of integral ecology," Pope Francis said at a meeting with social organizations in the South American nation.

Pope to warn global warming is killing the planet

A landmark Church statement on the environment, due to be officially released on Thursday, places the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics firmly in the camp of those who say climate change is mainly man-made.

El Salvador’s beatified Romero symbol of new Catholic Church

In a move long resisted by conservative Catholics and the Salvadoran right, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be declared "blessed" in a ceremony Saturday led by the pope's envoy, Cardinal Angelo Amato, in San Salvador's central plaza.

Pope: Sinners against environment will answer to God

Campaigners on climate change believe that a signal from Pope Francis that the Church considers global warming a grave danger could influence the global discussion on the severity of the problem, what has caused it and what can be done.

At Vatican, Castro to thank pope for mediation role with US

The first South American pope played a key role in secret negotiations between the United States and Cuba that led to the surprise announcement in December that they would seek to restore diplomatic ties after more than 50 years of tensions.

Pope Francis: It’s ‘pure scandal’ that women earn less than men for the same work

According to the National Catholic Reporter, the pope also said it was "not true" and an "insult" to suggest that women's rights movements should take the blame for declining marriage rates. Doing so "is a form of chauvinism that always wants to control the woman," Francis said.

Pope Francis to visit Cuba in latest move to support US-Cuba relations

Cuba is one of the least Catholic nations in Latin America, where along with a sizable number of the religiously unaffiliated, both Pentecostalism and Afro-Cuban Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion, are thriving. The pope's announced visit to the island is probably more about politics than religion, one expert said.

Pope’s iPad fetches $30,500 at auction

The pope gave it -- complete with its His Holiness Francis label and a Vatican certificate of authenticity -- to an Uruguayan priest as a gift.

Catholics look to hold their ground to rising number of evangelicals in Latin America

Rev. David Solano, a sociologist and director of the Juan XIII School, acknowledged the trend away from Catholicism in the region: “We see this as a pastoral challenge.”

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