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Pope Francis

On 35th anniversary of Romero’s murder, Salvadorans remember him finally as a martyr

On Tuesday, the chapel at the Hospital Divina Providencia in San Salvador, where Romero was killed 35 years ago, was packed with people who came to honor the former archbishop.

El Salvador unites behind martyr Romero, 35 years on

Today, Salvadorans will remember Archbishop Oscar Romero at masses in his honor across the country, and with a ceremony in San Salvador cathedral led by Panamanian Cardinal José Luis Lacunza.

Pope Francis brings a forceful new tone on sexual abuse cases

The case of Diego, who says he was abused hundreds of times by a priest, has become one of several in which Pope Francis has personally intervened to aid alleged abuse victims.

Pope says Catholics should not have to procreate ‘like rabbits’

The leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics said he defends the Church's teaching against artificial contraception but claimed that didn't mean "Christians should have children one after the other."

Pope Francis shows off his new Sele jersey

Looks like even the pope has caught World Cup fever.

Meet Juan Delgado, 26-year-old painter of popes

How do you get permission to paint a portrait of the Pope? Most of us wouldn’t have any idea where to start, but Juan Manuel Delgado found a simple solution: He wrote the Pope’s sister on Facebook.

The pope says ‘Happy Easter’

With a joyous smile on his face, Pope Francis greets the crowd after the Easter Mass on Sunday at St. Peter's square in the...

Catholics in Guatemala set sawdust carpet world record

Thousands of Guatemalan Catholics broke their own Guinness record for the world's longest sawdust carpet Thursday with a multi-colored masterpiece stretching down the main avenue of the capital's historic center.

Jokin’ with the Pope

Pope Francis and U.S. President Barack Obama share a laugh while exchanging gifts before a private audience on Thursday at the Vatican. The meeting...

Pope Francis invited to address US Congress

Pope Francis could become the first pontiff ever to address Congress after being offered a historic invitation by US House leaders on Thursday.

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