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Osa peninsula

Costa Rican court orders effective protection for Corcovado National Park

Justices ordered Public Security Ministry officials to take immediate action to evict from Corcovado all those conducting illegal logging, poaching and gold mining.

Caminos de Osa rural tourism project takes you to the doorsteps of Costa Rica’s people

Caminos de Osa is a rural tourism project designed to help small businesspeople in this remote part of Costa Rica's southern Pacific get a piece of the lucrative tourism business around world-renowned Corcovado National Park.

Nat Geo mini-series investigates Cody Dial’s disappearance in Corcovado National Park

The documentary series, "Missing Dial," follows Roman Dial's eight-month search in Costa Rica, accompanied by private investigators. Among the theories for his disappearance, the show will examine the dark rumors swirling around the remote Osa Peninsula that Cody Dial was murdered.

Brooklyn yoga studio plans fundraiser to protect Costa Rican rain forest

Evalena Leedy was teaching a free community yoga class in Brooklyn's Prospect Park when a red-tailed hawk sat on a high branch and observed the session - launching a quest that would lead her to support conservation in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.

Costa Rica Solving the Human vs Jaguar Conundrum

It’s not easy for humans and wildlife to live next to each other, and in Costa Rica, one of the primary examples of this has long been the conflict between people and jaguars. However, a new project is trying to ease tensions.

The tiny fish that captures more carbon than the rain forest

In a world searching for ways to achieve carbon sequestration to remove it from the atmosphere, it is almost incredible that these tiny lantern fish sink far more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined.

Too many whale-watching boats in Costa Rica’s Ballena Nat’l Marine Park, say environment officials

Biologists consider the protected area a perfect location between the northern and southern hemispheres for the birth of new generations of marine mammals and other species.

New species of passion flower discovered in Osa Peninsula

With the discovery of the new plant there are now 52 known species of passion flowers native to Costa Rica. It is the first new species of passion flower discovered in the last 11 years.

Corcovado Foundation opens budget hostel in Osa Peninsula

Conceived of by the Corcovado Foundation, founders hope that the hostel will attract a new wave of visitors – and help environmental stewardship.

Flying over the Osa Peninsula

The view from an airplane flying over Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica's southern Pacific region. The Osa Peninsula has more...

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