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Nicaragua Protests

30 protesters released from prison in Nicaragua

The liberation of 30 opponents of Daniel Ortega’s government this Monday was greeted with relief by human rights organizations, who however have not forgotten that another 500 protesters are “unfairly” imprisoned for protesting.

Nicaragua calls Carlos Alvarado’s statements “disrespectful” and “intrusive”

The Nicaraguan government described statements by Costa Rican president Carlos Alvarado about Nicaragua's “internal affairs” as “disrespectful” and “intruding.”

Nicaragua police arrest 20, use stun grenades to end protest

A Sunday protest ended in arrests and beatings.

The Nicaraguan war hero accused of “terrorism”

Ex-colonel Carlos Brenes was a guerrilla and military man of high rank in the two wars in Nicaragua; friend of Camilo Ortega and of great respect in the Army. Now he is detained, being accused of terrorism.

Ortega will ask Costa Rica to hand over refugees

Daniel Ortega said on Wednesday that he’ll ask Costa Rica to hand over Nicaraguan refugees that committed crimes during protests and political crisis in Nicaragua.

“I was rotting in El Chipote,” university student Bayardo Siles talks about his days in jail

Before fleeing Nicaragua, Bayardo José Siles Rodríguez, a university student and human rights activist from Matagalpa, was illegally locked up in prisons across three departments for ten days.

False social media posts preceded anti-immigrant protest in Costa Rica

The posts claimed that Nicaraguan immigrants were burning flags and receiving university scholarships.

Facing terrorism charges and death threats, thousands of Nicaraguans flee to Costa Rica

On a rainy morning in Nicaragua's south, two men step out of the jungle and into a boat that will transport them a short distance over the border with Costa Rica, slipping past border guards and police to safety.

Álvaro Conrado, the young martyr of Nicaragua’s protests

In the back of an unknown vehicle, Álvaro Conrado, 15, asked the people around him not to let him go to sleep, because if he did, he wouldn’t wake up. He’d been shot in the neck and it hurt to breathe. He was bleeding out.

Nicaraguan government blames opposition for 197 protest deaths

The death toll of 197 presented by Ortega's government is far lower than the toll given by human rights organizations in the country.

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