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Ortega will ask Costa Rica to hand over refugees

Daniel Ortega said on Wednesday that he’ll ask Costa Rica to hand over Nicaraguan refugees that committed crimes during protests and political crisis in Nicaragua. Costa Rica responded that information regarding refugees is confidential.

Ortega said he’ll ask Costa Rica for “a list of people seeking asylum,” to point out who committed crimes during protests and should face justice.

“We’re going to tell them with all clarity and if the [Costa Ricans] want to leave them there, that’s their problem,” Ortega said during a party function.

After his statements, the minister of foreign relations of Costa Rica said via WhatsApp that they “can’t give information about asylum seekers or refugees” because that information is confidential.

Facing terrorism charges and death threats, thousands of Nicaraguans flee to Costa Rica

Ortega also said that Nicaraguans that haven’t committed crimes can return and won’t be prosecuted or attacked.

“Those who feel free of sin can come back with the assurance that no one is going to detain them,” Ortega said.

The Nicaraguan president said that between April and June some 26,000 people had left to Costa Rica “not because they’re criminals,” but because of the political situation in Nicaragua.

Since the protests started on April 18, more than 300 people have died and more than 2,000 have been injured. There is still an unknown number of detained and missing people.

The United Nations said 23,000 people have fled to Costa Rica to seek asylum due to the political crisis in Nicaragua.

AFP Photo / Inti Ocon

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