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Mexico drug trafficking

Mexico top court decriminalizes recreational marijuana use

Mexico's Supreme Court on Monday decriminalized recreational marijuana use for adults

Mexico close to legalizing recreational marijuana use

The law would make Mexico one of just a few countries, including Uruguay and Canada, to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

US trims aid to Mexico over human rights

The U.S. has cut by 15 percent some of the aid it provides to Mexico for fighting drug traffickers, citing concerns over human rights.

Mexico’s miserable year

Imagine 43 students suddenly vanishing with hardly a trace. Then add half a dozen dead bodies, more than 100 arrests, mass graves, allegations of torture, political scandals, a protest movement not seen since the 1960s and a prison escape by the world's most wanted criminal. That is what Mexico has gone through, just in the past year.

VIDEO: Hilarious parody of ‘El Chapo’ prison escape

A Taiwanese animated comedy station made a hilarious parody of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's seemingly piece-of-cake escape from a maximum-security prison in Mexico.

Undermining Mexico: How ‘El Chapo’ built a criminal empire, and escaped prison, by digging deep

Though it is difficult to imagine Guzmán's accomplices digging under the prison for so long while avoiding detection, his engineers have been doing it for years right under the noses of U.S. border agents and their sophisticated technology.

Mexico horrified by suspected massacre, incineration of 43 students

AYOTZINAPA, Mexico – Mexico was confronted Saturday with one of the grisliest massacres in years of drug violence after gang suspects confessed to slaughtering 43 missing students and dumping their incinerated remains in a river.

Mexico’s latest flash point emerges in Tamaulipas border state

With unfailing punctuality, the grocer receives text messages from his extortionist on the last day of each month. The medical students leave their lab coats at school, to avoid roaming gangsters who need surgery. The oil man mutters on his two-way radio as he drives behind tinted glass.

Mexico struggles to sort self-defense forces from cartels as players switch sides

For a man who faked his own death by posing with red paint running down his neck and who has recorded a video tell-all to be sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration in the event he is murdered, José Santiago Valencia Sandoval seems to lead a remarkably stress-free life.

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