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Costa Rica meme makers, we applaud you

While there weren't as many major political scandals in Costa Rica in 2015 as in years past, there still was plenty of material for Ticos to do what they seem to do best – celebrate the absurd with satire and memes made viral on social media.

Sinkhole swallows stretch of street in San José

The latest sinkhole to appear this year was a 6-meter wide, 11-meter deep sinkhole that opened up over the weekend on the street near the Transportes Costarricenses Panameños bus station in Plaza Víquez. City workers started repairing the gaping hole that opened between Avenue 20 and 5th Street on Tuesday.

Costa Ricans react to FIFA scandal like every other scandal: with memes

Ticos certainly are no strangers to corruption scandals. Here are some of the funniest memes in response to FIFA-Gate.

Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara caught ‘sleeping’ at election blessing?

Six of Costa Rica’s 13 presidential candidates appeared at Costa Rica’s evangelical television station Enlace today for a blessing from one of the network’s pastors.

Are these rally images ALSO photoshopped?

After Johnny Araya’s Facebook page posted a seemingly doctored photo of a huge rally for the presidential candidate, opponents didn't waste any time before retaliating. Using much better Photoshop skills then they accuse Araya's campaign team of using, quick-witted Costa Ricans created their own versions of what happened at the rally. Mickey Mouse, Justin Bieber and Pope Francis all were there.

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