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Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara caught ‘sleeping’ at election blessing?

Update: See Guevara’s response meme at the end of the article.

Six of Costa Rica’s 13 presidential candidates appeared at Costa Rica’s evangelical television station Enlace today for a blessing from one of the network’s pastors.

But while most of the candidates appeared in their Sunday’s best sporting respectful prayer faces, Ticos on social media networks thought Libertarian Movement Party candidate Otto Guevara looked like he had fallen asleep standing up mid-blessing.

In typical Costa Rican fashion, Twitter and Facebook were soon flooded with memes:

Guevara becomes the evil girl Samara from the Japanese horror film “The Ring”

This Twitter user decided he looked like a floating body from the 1980s cartoon “Ulysses 31”

Guevara appeared as wet clothing

(Via Facebook)
(Via Facebook)

In the end, however, it was Guevara who got the last laugh with this response meme from a supporter:

To see more memes, check out the new Bent Over Otto Facebook page 


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