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Manuel Antonio

Parasailing in Manuel Antonio offers breathtaking views

Aguas Azules parasailing in Manuel Antonio offers riders an unforgettable experience in a remarkable setting above the waters of Playa Espadilla.

Flat tire in Costa Rica: Things could be better, things could be worse

When you get a flat tire in Costa Rica you'll find your inner MacGuyver. And you'll meet a lot of nice people.

Manuel Antonio: Zipline and roller coaster, together at last

Manuel Antonio Adventure Park offers two innovative new ways to fly through the canopy, on a zipline/roller coaster and a Canopy Bike.

Costa Rica dash: 3 visitors, 2 weeks, 1 country

How to find the right mix of beach, volcano, adrenaline and relaxation to amuse your family for two weeks in Costa Rica? Here's one way.

Buying a hotel in Costa Rica: A new owner’s advice

Paige Cain, one of the new owners of the Hotel Mono Azul in Manuel Antonio, shares her experience on buying a hotel in Costa Rica, and her advice to anyone thinking of doing the same.

Monkey business at Manuel Antonio is alive and well

Manuel Antonio National Park may be packed with people, but there's a reason for that — there's no easier way to see so much wildlife in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio: 5 can’t-miss tropical wonders

1. The park Manuel Antonio National Park is the region’s crown jewel and raison d’etre. The park is one of the most visited national parks...

Friday sunset: Manuel Antonio

While the polar vortex overs over much of the United States and Canada, this is what it looks like in Manuel Antonio. Enjoy your...

Walking Around, sunset edition: Beach and city

The greatest show on Earth takes place all over Costa Rica, every day. On the beach, sunset is a magical time. I always find...

El Avión: A restaurant in plane site

The Fairchild C-123 in Manuel Antonio is shocking on many levels: The first thing you notice is that the nose of an airplane is...

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