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Leopoldo López

Three steps Venezuela must take

The people of Venezuela want change to be peaceful and swift. The harder and more important question is: What comes next?

Venezuelan opposition wants to free prisoners, push Maduro

After 16 years of rubber-stamp impotence, Venezuela's opposition plans to use its overwhelming electoral victory to free political prisoners -- including its most charismatic leader -- and offer President Nicolás Maduro six months to take painful economic steps or face removal.

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo López gets nearly 14 years prison

Fighting broke out earlier in the day between supporters of López, 44, and pro-government demonstrators outside the courthouse.

Costa Rican lawmakers urge political asylum for Venezuela opposition

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González told reporters on Tuesday that the government would not extend offers of asylum to Venezuelan opposition leaders, but that any requests would be treated like all others.

Venezuela looks set to lock away prominent opposition leader Leopoldo López

CARACAS, Venezuela — The trial of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has proceeded along a clear trajectory so far, seemingly driven toward a predetermined outcome. Which, of course, is also how railroads work.

Venezuela detains 243 in raids on protest camps

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan authorities demolished four protest camps in Caracas and detained more than 200 people in pre-dawn raids Thursday, striking at the remaining bastions of a months-long and at times deadly anti-government movement. But hours later, groups of youths were back out on the streets of the capital, where they were met by tear gas and rubber bullets.

Venezuela charges opposition leader, sparking protests

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela's attorney general formally charged jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López on Friday over anti-government protests that have roiled the country for two months, triggering fresh demonstrations in Caracas.

Venezuelan opposition spurns government crisis talks

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela's opposition on Wednesday spurned the crisis talks that the government called to try to halt three weeks of protests that have left 14 dead.

Venezuela death toll mounts in growing unrest

CARACAS, Venezuela – The death toll from escalating anti-government protests in Venezuela jumped to eight on Friday, as President Nicolás Maduro's leftist administration threatened to cut off fuel to areas "under fascist siege."

Who is jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López?

CARACAS, Venezuela – Leopoldo López, a Harvard-trained politician and ardent opponent of Venezuela's socialist government, is seen by enemies and supporters alike as the face of recent street protests against the regime. Where does he come from?

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