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La Reforma Prison

PHOTOS: Costa Rican presidential candidates hold debate at La Reforma prison

The unit where the debate was held houses inmates with light sentences or who have demonstrated good behavior during their incarceration.

Three inmates suffer burns, 127 evacuated during prison mutiny in San José

Three of the prisoners had burns on various parts of their bodies; others suffered respiratory problems caused by smoke.

5 questions for a Costa Rican painter: How a prison sentence sparked a passion for art

Artist Navil Leytón found his talent at the least expected place: behind bars. Now he's sharing his gifts with others.

Costa Rican prisoners use poetry to change perceptions at International Book Fair

Costa Rica's 17th annual International Book Fair kicked off Friday with poetry readings from inmates from La Reforma and Buen Pastor prisons.

PHOTOS: A look at maximum security in Costa Rica’s La Reforma Prison

Their reality is a 4x4-meter cell of cement and iron, where only a few rays of sunlight enter each day and where sleep comes on concrete beds. Among the inmates are leaders of rival drug gangs that have launched a violent turf war in the streets of San José’s southern and western neighborhoods, leaving a toll of 165 deaths in only nine months. Here's a look.

Internationally renowned Costa Rican film ‘Presos’ to premiere back home

Esteban Ramírez, known for his films "Caribe" (2004) and "Gestación" (2009), was inspired by his father's documentary "Los Presos" (1973), about the everyday life of the inmates of a prison once located in what is now the Children's Museum in San José. The new film depicts the life of modern-day Costa Rican inmates, including positive changes that have taken place since the days of the 1973 film.

PHOTOS: Faces from La Reforma prison

Located in San Rafael de Alajuela, La Reforma prison is the biggest in Costa Rica. The Tico Times recently visited the prison and took portraits of some of the inmates.

Pigeon lands behind bars in Costa Rica for drug trafficking

Authorities did not say how long the pigeon had been flying high in its life of crime, but it will now spend its days behind bars at an animal rescue center.

Drug-smuggling pigeon caught outside Costa Rica prison

Members of Costa Rica's Penitentiary Police captured a pigeon carrying marijuana and cocaine near La Reforma prison in Palmares on Tuesday.

Prison overcrowding in Costa Rica jumps 50 percent in 10 years

In 2005, the country’s prisons were 4 percent overcrowded. Today there are an additional 4,793 people behind bars, bringing the overcrowding rate to 54 percent. There are a total of 13,923 people in prison in Costa Rica.

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