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International Design Festival

Meet Daan Roosegaarde: ‘You’re always a voluntary prisoner of your own imagination’

The Tico Times sits down with renowned innovator Daan Roosegaarde at the 2017 #FID.

2017 International Design Festival to feature wide range of guests

A preview of the 2017 International Design Festival in Costa Rica; tickets are on sale now.

4 questions for art director Carl Sprague

You might not know his name, but you might be in love with the unforgettable images he's created: The Tico Times sits down with Oscar-winning art director Carl Sprague during his visit to Costa Rica.

International Design Festival: How to organize a massive, successful event in Costa Rica

In 2009, designers Alfredo Enciso and Paco Cervilla began organizing Costa Rica's massive International Design Festival, or FID. They faced enormous challenges. Here's an inside look.

International Design Festival announces 9 of its featured guests for 2016

Costa Rica's renowned International Design Festival announces 9 guests for its 2016 edition.

San José, the epicenter of international design? That’s one festival’s vision

The FID and the related events it inspires have become a place to make connections, friends and soak up culture. Here are some highlights from this year's festival.

‘Happy Fashion’ – a famed designer’s way of life

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada sat down with The Tico Times to talk about thriving in a difficult industry, happiness and fashion, and Costa Rican hairstyles.

Design deluxe: popular festival returns to San José

Not just a gathering of designers, the FID is an interdisciplinary event celebrating everything from gastronomy to motion graphic design. Speakers discuss their own experiences, their origins and how their far-flung travels have inspired them to enter the world of design.

Highlights from the International Design Festival 2014

“We bought 2,180 chairs [for the lectures] and they were all full,” said organizer Alfredo Enciso, who co-founded the event in 2010.

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