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Costa Rica makes it easier to get vaccines abroad

Health authorities have made it easier for Costa Ricans who got their first vaccine dose abroad to receive their second shot closer to home.

Vaccine tourism? ‘It’s not the solution,’ PAHO says

Traveling to other countries to be vaccinated does not solve the Covid-19 crisis; it only proves the inequity in access to doses on the continent.

Thousands of Costa Rican small businesses closed in 2020

More than 7% of Costa Rica’s microenterprises closed in 2020, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC). 

More than a quarter of Costa Rican households living in poverty: Details

Poverty in Costa Rica reached 26.2% of households, the highest level since 1992, amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Poverty rate rises in Costa Rica to highest level in decades

The last time that Costa Rica registered such a high level of poverty was in 1992, when it reached 29.4%.

UN to investigate abuses in Chile as strike continues

The violence in Chile, usually one of the most stable countries in Latin America, is the worst experienced since returning to democracy.

Chile ‘at war’ as death toll rises to 11; president extends emergency

Chile's death toll has risen to 11, authorities said on Monday, after three days of violent demonstrations and looting that saw President Sebastian Pinera...

Poverty rate remains stable at 21% in Costa Rica, government says

Poverty in Costa Rica remained stable at 21% in the last year, while extreme poverty had a slight reduction of half a percentage point to 5.8%, the official statistical agency said Thursday.

New study explores inequality, church influence in Central America’s slums

The young people said they draw their primary support from family, friends and their churches.

A tale of two Costa Ricas: hope, inequality and an hour on the train

Most any journey by car or bus in greater San José is, well, less than life-affirming. The train, however, cuts through barriers.

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