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Costa Rica
Thursday, May 26, 2022
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independence day party

Watch: The world celebrates Costa Rican independence

Various buildings and monuments across the world displayed the red, white and blue of Costa Rica in celebration of its bicentennial.

Feliz día de la Independencia, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica celebrates its bicentennial — 200 years of independence.

Celebrating Costa Rica’s Independence Day

September is an important cultural month in Costa Rica; it is the month of the nation, celebrating the country’s Independence Day. If you know Costa...

Costa Rica Olympians will light independence cauldron

Costa Rican Olympians will light the independence cauldron on Tuesday night in Cartago, the Presidency announced.

Independence torch arrives in Costa Rica for bicentennial

The torch is a national symbol representing Central America’s independence.  

Costa Rica has Monday off to celebrate independence

Independence Day in Costa Rica is September 15, but many Ticos will celebrate the bicentennial on Monday, September 13.

Costa Rica starts 200th birthday celebrations

Costa Rica celebrates its 200th birthday on September 15, and the party is already getting started.

The National Anthem of Costa Rica

Costa Rica's National Anthem is not a war song; rather, it tells the story of a democratic people, of farmers who have not experienced great conflicts.

Celebrate Independence Day in Costa Rica with these events

Lanterns have become a traditional decoration to mark the Independence Day events.

American Colony to host 56th annual U.S. Independence Day picnic on Sunday

The American Colony Committee's annual 4th of July picnic is Sunday at Cervecería Costa Rica in Alajuela.

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