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A Look Back: Remembering the Costa Rica Fourth of July Picnic in 1965

Fifty-seven years ago in July was simply unforgettable. Sure, I was all of 6 years old, and had only just begun to have my...

Costa Rica starts 200th birthday celebrations

Costa Rica celebrates its 200th birthday on September 15, and the party is already getting started.

A year ends with no party: The Fiestas de Zapote

The Fiestas de Zapote are a holiday tradition for many Ticos.

Prepare to party: Costa Rica readies for Fiestas de Palmares 2020

The Palmares tope is one of the country’s most famous, with cowboys from all over the country turning up to show off their riding skills and sometimes other talents. 

Barrio Chino hosting ‘Food Fest’ celebration in San José

Barrio Chino in San José is celebrating Christmas early. 

National Oxcart Parade will fill the streets of San José on Sunday

Costa Rica will celebrate the 23rd edition of the National Oxcart Parade through the streets of the country's capital.

Costa Rica prepares for 50th anniversary of Fiestas de Zapote

In December, Costa Rica will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Fiestas de Zapote.

Commemorate Remembrance and Veterans Day in Costa Rica

On Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 at 3:00 p.m., the Escazú Christian Fellowship will host a service to commemorate Remembrance Day and Veterans’ Day in Costa Rica.

Cultural events in Costa Rica: May 13-19, 2019

Are arts- and culture-themed events occurring across Costa Rica in the coming days: 

Gustico offers flavors, sights and sounds of rural Costa Rica

The Feria del Gustico continues through Sunday, March 31.

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