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Drug war

Tales of the disappeared in a Mexico drug state

They are among the 5,000 people who are listed as "disappeared" in Tamaulipas, the northeastern Mexican state with the most missing people in Mexico, where a total of 26,000 have vanished amid a brutal, nearly decade-old drug war.

Mexico issues first permit to grow and use marijuana

MEXICO CITY – Mexican health authorities issued Friday the first permit allowing four individuals to grow and use their own marijuana for recreational purposes, following a landmark Supreme Court ruling on limited drug legalization.

Canada’s next big move? It may be legalizing pot.

Has Canada's war on marijuana worked? "No, it hasn't," said Clive Weighill, chief of the Saskatoon police force, president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and a veteran of August marijuana raids.

In new Honduras massacre, three children among six dead

More than 20 people were killed in three mass klllings in Honduras this past week, including three children on Saturday.

US arrests relatives of Venezuela first lady over drug-trafficking allegations

U.S. agents have arrested two relatives of Venezuela's first lady for allegedly conspiring to smuggle 800 kilos (1,800 pounds) of cocaine into the United States, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Mexico’s Peña Nieto wants expert debate on marijuana legalization

MEXICO CITY – Mexico's president indicated on Monday that his administration could drop its opposition to legalizing marijuana based on results of a debate of experts on the matter.

If you fly between Chicago and L.A. you might be a drug dealer, according to the DEA

If you stop and question enough of the 3 million people who fly from Chicago to Los Angeles, eventually you'll get lucky and stumble upon a drug trafficker.

Costa Rica authorities smash local organized crime ring involved in drug trafficking, homicides

Costa Rica authorities conducted 29 raids Tuesday in multiple locations throughout the Central Valley targeting a large organized criminal network directed from La Reforma Prison, outside the Costa Rican capital.

US trims aid to Mexico over human rights

The U.S. has cut by 15 percent some of the aid it provides to Mexico for fighting drug traffickers, citing concerns over human rights.

DEA agents open Rio de Janeiro office

U.S. agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration have opened an office in Rio de Janeiro, host city for next year's Olympics, to help local forces fight drug and weapons traffickers.

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