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Drug war

Panama seized record amount of drugs in 2021: president

Panama seized a record haul of 128 tons of drugs in 2021, President Laurentino Cortizo said on Sunday. The figure represented a 43 percent increase...

Mexico top court decriminalizes recreational marijuana use

Mexico's Supreme Court on Monday decriminalized recreational marijuana use for adults

Mexico close to legalizing recreational marijuana use

The law would make Mexico one of just a few countries, including Uruguay and Canada, to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

United States calls for ‘war’ on cartels after Mormons murdered in Mexico

Three women and six children were killed, including a set of twin babies, said relatives and Mexican officials.

Government of Guatemala warns that the country has become a cocaine producer

Guatemala and the rest of Central America are used by international cartels that traffic drugs and launder money.

Government announces increased security measures to curb recent crime wave

President Luis Guillermo Solís said he is outraged by a shooting at the entrance of a school that left two people dead and a six-year-old wounded.

Honduras foreign minister resigns over police murder scandal

Honduran daily El Heraldo revealed that senior police officers ordered the assassination of Honduras' top anti-drug official, Arístides González, in December 2009.

2 dead after drug plane crashes in northwestern Costa Rica

Two people are dead after a small aircraft loaded with cocaine crashed Thursday in northwestern Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal village of Nosara, the country's Public Security Ministry reported on Friday.

Top medical experts say we should decriminalize all drugs and maybe go even further

A group of 22 medical experts convened by Johns Hopkins University and The Lancet have called this week for the decriminalization of all nonviolent drug use and possession. Citing a growing scientific consensus on the failures of the global war on drugs, the experts further encourage countries and U.S. states to "move gradually toward regulated drug markets and apply the scientific method to their assessment."

Waging peace in Colombia

All of my predecessors over the past five decades attempted to make peace with the FARC, the largest and oldest guerrilla army to have emerged in Latin America. They all failed. So why has this peace process proved successful?

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