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Costa Rica USA Foundation

A conversation with Christiana Figueres: ‘Costa Rica punches above its weight’

Figueres talks Costa Rica, climate change and aiming high.

This week in the Peace Corps: A grassroots look inside your morning cup of joe

What time of the year is it? It’s coffee picking season. Coffee all over Costa Rica is in full swing. In my beautiful high-altitude mountainous community along the Panamanian border, that means hundreds of indigenous Panamanians cross the border to pick coffee from September to February.

A conversation with Steve Aronson: ‘The character of Costa Ricans will save us’

The U.S.-Costa Rican philanthropist chatted with us before being honored as a CRUSAder of the Year.

Costa Rica Peace Corps: Día del Negro y Afrodescendientes

Limón is the most culturally diverse of Costa Rica's provinces marked by an Afro-Caribbean heritage that has made a significant impact on local culture. It has influenced dress, music, food, and languages spoken throughout the region. PCV Jose recounts his experience celebrating the region's Afro-Caribbean roots with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members during festivities for Dia del Negro y Afrodescendientes.

This week in the Peace Corps: Lessons from indigenous communities in Limón province

After four years with Peace Corps Costa Rica, I am reflective about living and working in indigenous communities throughout Limón Province.

Lifeguards call for help in Costa Rica: support their work in Osa

Due to a contract snafu with the Municipality of Osa, public funding for lifeguard salaries were suspended last April.

This week in the Peace Corps: Bricks to Bread – A success story

In July 2017, Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) Brian was introduced to Nancy Fitzimons Alvarado, a 1989 Peace Corps Volunteer and the co-founder of the non-profit organization, Bricks to Bread.

This week in the Peace Corps: Youth group receives prizes in business plan competition

This past week a youth group from PCV Zane's site participated in the closing ceremony of the Junior Achievement Costa Rica la Compañía business plan competition. At the ceremony Zane's group proudly received several accolades.

This week in the Peace Corps: Teaching about language, leadership and life

Many Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) here in Costa Rica spend a large chunk of their time in schools. PCVs lead all kinds of activities depending on the sector the they work in: youth development, community economic development, or English.

This week in the Peace Corps: Cooking like a Costa Rican

Once Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) receive their site assignments, they head off to their assigned community, alone, not only to work on projects but also to integrate into the community and learn about the culture.

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