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Amazon creating 2,000 new jobs in Costa Rica

Amazon announced Wednesday that it will create 2,000 new customer service jobs in Costa Rica.

Help wanted: Costa Rica job fair aims to fill 6,500 positions

As of Monday and until Friday, May 28, more than 50 multinational companies will offer 6,500 jobs in Costa Rica as part of the JobLink multilingual talent fair.

Amazon Web Services opens new Costa Rica office

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of, Inc., on Thursday opened a new office in Costa Rica to support the growth of cloud computing in the country.

News briefs: JobLink virtual job fair is underway

The Costa Rican Investment Board (CINDE) is currently holding its third-annual JobLink, in which 35 companies are offering some 3,000 jobs, the organization said in a press release.

Costa Rica has responded to the coronavirus with technological development

Costa Rica has reduced its dependence on imported goods at times of increasing global demand.

Institute of Technology creates microcontroller fully designed and developed in Costa Rica

SIWA will be used in a microcircuit as part of a control unit for a cardiac stimulator, according to CINDE. 

Six Costa Rican students win scholarships to study in United States

The grant program aims to support outstanding Costa Rican STEM students.

Costa Rica’s country brand is the fastest growing in the Americas

Consultants said that Costa Rica’s country brand is well-established and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Will U.S. call center bill affect jobs in Costa Rica?

The bill requires the Secretary of Labor to maintain a publicly available list of all employers that relocate call centers overseas, and to make such companies ineligible for federal grants or taxpayer-guaranteed loans.

Recruiters: Preparation is key to success at upcoming CINDE Job Fair 

What does it take to stand out at the CINDE Multilingual Job Fair this weekend in San José? CINDE and company representatives give you the inside scoop.

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