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Children's Museum

How to beat the rainy season in Costa Rica with kids

I come from dry places. I am relatively new at motherhood. I am relatively new to Costa Rica. Therefore, the first downpours to trap me — along with a husband, a 3-year-old and a newborn — inside our small San José apartment filled me with dread.

New “STEAM Room” in Costa Rica’s Children’s Museum

Starting June 2, all children, young people and families in general who visit Costa Rica’s Children's Museum, will be able to enjoy a modern...

Leaders sign pact for children’s rights in San José

As part of the event, Vice President Ana Helena Chacón and representatives of all sponsor organizations signed a pact to show their commitment to ending all forms of aggression against children.

Coffee fair, gospel concert, and other events around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place Jan. 22 - 29.

Art auction raises funds to build teen cancer hospital

Lang came up with the idea for a new cancer fundraiser during a conversation with her grandmother, the painter Ana Wien, and began to put together an auction of 40 different art pieces painted by renowned Costa Rican artists. No canvas here: the works were painted on fiberglass heads.

Charity auction seeks to help Costa Rican kids

Tonight's auction at the National Gallery, housed within the Children's Museum in downtown San José, will feature more than 100 art pieces by different renowned artists, including Man Yu Fung paintings, and raise money for children's charities.

‘Toys’ exhibit at National Gallery oozes nostalgia

What’s interesting about the “Juguetes, Recuerdos, y Amigos” is that current children probably won’t find it nearly as interesting as grownups.

A national festival, a grand old opera and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of the best events going on July 25 – 31.

Dinosaurs invade the Children’s Museum

Animatronic dinosaurs that blink, move and roar turn a visit to Costa Rica's beloved Children's Museum into a trip through time.

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