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Art auction raises funds to build teen cancer hospital

An innovative fundraiser this week has the potential to change the lives of young people with cancer – all thanks to a brainstorm by 14-year-old Andrea Lang.

Lang came up with the idea for a new cancer fundraiser during a conversation with her grandmother, the painter Ana Wien, and began to put together an auction of 40 different art pieces painted by renowned Costa Rican artists. No canvas here: the works were painted on fiberglass heads. The auction, to be held on Nov. 9 at the National Gallery in the Children’s Museum in San José, will raise funds for the nonprofit Proyecto Daniel Association to help the organization provide further support for cancer patients ages 13-21, and launch their ambitious effort to build a new cancer hospital specializing in adolescents.

“As [my grandmother] is a cancer survivor, we were thinking about a project to help the cause,” Lang told The Tico Times, adding that they chose heads as the basis for the artwork to represent the fact that many cancer patients lose their hair. “We thought it was a good idea to involve nationally renowned artists to bring these heads to life for an exhibit and an auction.

“The name of the event, ‘Cada cabeza es un mundo’ (‘Every head is its own world’), highlights the fact that every person is different. Even though the artists were given the same base, each one made a completely original piece of art, different from the others,” Lang added. “I also relate this to the cause because these adolescents with cancer are often seen only as a sick person, but each of them is much more than that. They have more to say, more to do and to contribute to the world.”

“This is not the first time Andrea has helped Proyecto Daniel. Her contributions in the past have helped us to achieve important goals,” Ligia Bobadilla, founder of Proyecto Daniel, said in a statement. “Her spirit of solidarity is enviable, and teaches all of us that there’s always a space to help.”

Artist who painted the heads include Wien, Macia Salas, Leda Astorga, Arturo Santana, Guillermo Conte, Adrián Gómez and Julia Sabah.

“[With my art piece I want] to raise awareness of the multiple dimensions of the soul that make each person a bright being, which depends on the confidence in our intuition, creativity and ability to love the creation of which we are part,” Wien said. “My work emphasizes that all women can shine our own light.”

“The name [of my art piece] is ‘Vigilante’,” Adrián Gómez to The Tico Times. “It highlights the attitude of female figures protecting a child playing in an idyllic environment. I hope our community art lovers attend this auction, supporting Andrea and her invaluable energy for this foundation.”

“My message to all the other children and adults is that while we can, we should take a moment to help someone who is going through a bad situation,” Lang said. “The truth is that helping someone just brings out the best in you.”

“Cada Cabeza es un Mundo” takes place Nov. 9 at the National Gallery, Children’s Museum, San José, at 7 p.m. You can find more information about the event on its Facebook page, and about Proyecto Daniel on the initiative’s website.

Here are some samples of the art pieces that will be on exhibit and for sale:

(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)
(Courtesy of Cada Cabeza es un Mundo)

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