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Theoria: Costa Rican architects provide personalized attention

Looking to build your home, luxury residential complexes, beach houses, an office center, or a commercial center building in Costa Rica? The Costa Rican...

Renovation of Hotel Costa Rica sparks criticism

The Culture Ministry on Wednesday evening issued a statement saying that the only visible change at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica will be its color.

Costa Rica to host third International Sustainable Building Congress

"Building Sustainable Cities and Lifestyles in Latin America and the Caribbean,” is the theme of the conference, which will take place May 17-20.

El Steinvorth, an architectural beauty in the heart of the city

Costa Rican architect Julián Mora became not only another tenant of the El Steinvorth building, but also the man at the helm of the restoration of the building itself, an effort that eventually drew government attention and resulted in a major overhaul.

In Cuba, a forgotten symbol of pre-revolutionary relations with US

Many of the Cuban diplomats negotiating detente with the United States are graduates of Cuba's Advanced Institute for Foreign Relations. Less widely known is that the building was originally constructed as the Instituto Cultural Cubano-Norteamericano (U.S.-Cuba Cultural Institute), and was once a mainstay of the two countries' deep and complicated ties.

Project ONE residential building to help convert San José architecture into ‘art’

Most know Jenga as a party game involving shoddy construction at a miniature scale that is accompanied by shrieking as the pieces inevitably come to a magnificent crash. For Mike Lukowiecky and Janine Schneider, it’s a revolutionary architectural design concept they call project ONE.

Cuban capitol building is renovation in marble and symbolism

Just 30 years after its completion, Cuba's grand temple of democracy and patriotism was virtually abandoned to the bats and the dust. Today the building is undergoing a rehabilitation that is not only physical but symbolic too

Culture Ministry won’t budge on Legislative Assembly building permits

Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca on Monday rejected another request by the Legislative Assembly's directorate to approve building permits for a new Assembly complex in downtown San José, at the legislature's current location.

Lawmakers, Culture Ministry clash over construction of new Legislative Assembly facilities

At 2 p.m. on Tuesday Costa Rica's Culture Ministry issued a press release confirming they will not approve construction permits for a new complex that would have housed the Legislative Assembly in downtown San José.

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