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Animal rescue

Baby orphan sloth in Costa Rica rescued by boat and plane

Shell’s prognosis is a positive one, but she has a long way to go before leaving nursery and moving forward in the Saving Sloths Together Program.

Nicaragua Saves Two Jaguar Cubs From Illegal Trade

Two small jaguars, one of the animals in greatest danger of extinction in Nicaragua , were rescued from poachers after the intervention of the National...

Authorities rescue toucan from Eta-related rainfall in Costa Rica

Costa Rican National Emergency Commission (CNE) workers rescued a toucan that was on the Costanera Sur highway.

Katja Bader and the animals of Jacó

Animal life in the Pacific coast area of Jacó turned around completely in 1998 with the arrival of Katja Bader. Spay and neuter campaigns, health checks, educational programs in the schools and highway signs urging drivers to go slow and brake for wildlife are a few of the things Bader has organized in the twenty years she has lived here.

How to help pets and other animals displaced by Hurricane Otto

Government agencies, animal rights groups and private companies will receive donations over the weekend to assist a large number of stranded animals currently at shelters and others that remain in evacuated areas after the passage of Hurricane Otto.

Some Costa Rican cats – and the people who love them

From Felix the salesman to the hundreds of feral cats who receive some TLC from a dedicated rescue duo, The Tico Times takes a look at some furry friends in honor of International Cat Day.

Primate rescue groups go bananas when Justin Bieber says he wants another monkey

A Costa Rican animal rescue center issued a snarky challenge to Justin Bieber: Promise not to get another monkey and we'll name a rehab wing after you.

Help build Costa Rica’s first animal hospital, with a virtual brick

Dog food company Super Perro and the Animal Rescue Association are building Costa Rica's first pet hospital, which will operate on an ability-to-pay basis. But first they need your help.

Toucan Rescue Ranch: The cutest place on Earth?

Toucan Rescue Ranch is a magnet for cuddly critters, and if you only came for the furry and feathery toddlers, you will leave well satisfied. But the place is more than a mere menagerie: True to its name, the ranch inherits scores of animals, nurses them back to health, and then releases fully recovered specimens back into the wild.

PHOTOS: March Against Animal Abuse

Thousands of people gathered Sunday in San José for the 7th National March Against Animal Abuse to demand an animal welfare reform law that President Luis Guillermo Solís has long promised to prioritize.

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