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Ad Astra Rocket

Costa Rica to create Space Agency; bill passed by Congress

Appropriately, the news came on the day NASA landed the Perseverance rover on Mars.

Costa Rica chosen as site for ‘next-generation’ space radar

LeoLabs has chosen Costa Rica as the location of its next space radar, the United States-based company announced in a press release. 

Franklin Chang’s VASIMR plasma engine readies for key test

The VASIMR engine being developed by Costa Rican physicist Franklin Chang Díaz is one step closer to proving itself the best technology for propelling the next generation of spacecraft.

Astronaut Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra to develop hydrogen-fueled transportation in Guanacaste

Ad Astra Rocket the company of former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz signed an agreement with EARTH University to research and develop hydrogen-based projects in the province of Guanacaste.

Costa Rica moves forward on distributed generation with net metering to start in April

Hoping to install solar panels in your home to help you save on your electricity bill? Costa Rica just took a major step forward by establishing the price structure for net metering for distributed generation, opening the door to a potential solar boom.

SpaceX postpones rocket launch until Monday

SpaceX postponed until Monday evening its first rocket launch since an explosion after liftoff destroyed its unmanned Dragon cargo ship bound for the International Space Station six months ago.

Ad Astra’s deep space rocket moves into new testing phase with help from NASA

Costa Rican astronaut Franklin Chang’s company Ad Astra Rocket has finalized a $9 million contract with NASA to help push the company's VASIMR deep space engine one step closer to flight.

Ad Astra wins $10 million NASA contract for deep space rocket

The plasma engine could also be mounted on a rocket to deflect asteroids heading too close to the Earth and eventually deep space missions to Mars and beyond.

Ad Astra Rocket’s breakup with the government puts Costa Rica’s hydrogen future on hold

Chang said he's been waiting for the past seven months for the state-owned oil refinery to sign off on the final stage of a jointly-developed hydrogen fuel project. In early March, he threw in the towel.

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