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Leonardo DiCaprio is watching what happens in Costa Rica

Renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated on his Twitter account the Costa Rican government's decision to expand the marine territory of Cocos Island. The Hollywood...

In Ojochal Costa Rica, SUD Brings the Magic

Local favorite is full of life in Ojochal and I learn that four martinis does make a man happy.If you’re like me, you’ll never...

A Visit to Costa Rica’s Wilson Botanical Gardens

Around every corner, you will find such beauty in Costa Rica. It is what attracts so many of us to this special country, the...

A thumb’s up for earthquake education and thrills in Cartago

The Tico Times visited the new earthquake simulator outside Cartago, and came away both entertained and enlightened.

Eat (and drink!) delicious pejibaye at annual Costa Rica festival

Alcoholic chicha -- made from pejibaye -- at the Feria de Pejibayes in 2011. Pejibaye, or peach-palm in English, is a versatile fruit. Consume it topped...

Costa Ricans psyched for this weekend’s Philharmonic Orchestra tribute to Pink Floyd

Tickets for the remaining show range from $40 to $70, and can be purchased The Sunday performance begins at 2 p.m. at the Melico Salazar Theater.
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Miss Universe Seeks Safety from Nicaragua

The Miss Universe organization on Saturday asked the Nicaraguan government to "guarantee" the safety of the affiliates of the local contest, whose director, Karen...

Costa Rica’s Rising Costs Deter Tourists

Costa Rica has become a costly destination, evident when compared to neighboring countries like Colombia and Mexico. "We are seeing that tourists resent and complain...

Expat Living: Costa Rica’s Unique Spin on Thanksgiving

Many of the foods we devour on Thanksgiving are part of the same culinary exchange that took place in Central America when Spanish conquistadors, indigenous Americans, and African slaves collaborated on cooking over hundreds of years.

Army Vets Find Costa Rica Retirement Bliss

The following story began fifty years ago in April, 1974, when a young couple left their first military assignment, the Panama Canal Zone, for...