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Sunflowers of Costa Rica: Central America’s largest field prepares for Flowering

Sunflowers of Costa Rica, the largest field of these flowers in Central America, will have its most important peak of flowering from May 6 to 15, in Pital, San Carlos. This exhibition will have more than 200,000 sunflowers of different types, including the one’s that can reach four meters in height.

The purpose of this project is to provide a space for ecological tourism, sale of sunflower seeds and sunflowers. Since these plants are very important for the ecosystem, and they are a pollination agent, the event organizers will also have areas for bees.

“This field is unique worldwide, there is no other field on the planet that is so big and with the variety of colors that we have here, this is spectacular,” said Erick Porras, owner of Sunflowers of Costa Rica.

“The idea is for people to take pictures but also to get to know the Pital area. We want the sunflower field to boost the local economy,” said Porras.

In the flower field, there will be tours available with certified guides, as well as professional photographers and, as part of the new features, there will be a wall of roses, ideal for pictures.

“This is going to be the largest field in Central America, not only the largest but also the best to attract tourism and revitalize the economy. It will have a great impact on Costa Rica and the Northern Zone,” explained the owner.

“We have received more than 10,000 people in two seasons, we promote and dynamize tourism and we create high seasons when fields bloom. We draw worldwide attention by creating harvests that people can visit, people from abroad are already visiting us,” he further explained.

He also invited people from all over the country and international tourists to visit this beautiful flower field. “The May harvest will be the biggest we are going to have, because there are twenty-one thousand meters flowered at the same time; it is the first time we do something like this. We want as many people as possible to come because it is a unique spectacle that can only be seen on those days,” concluded Erick Rodríguez.

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