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Real Estate News

Is it insane to hold an open house in Costa Rica?

Is it insane to hold an open house in Costa Rica or does it make sense to forget about it and promote the sale of your house in a different way?

How do you find a good real estate broker in Costa Rica?

You are advised to use the services of a real estate broker to buy or sell property in Costa Rica.  Real estate agents normally...

Multi-seller real estate auction includes three properties in Costa Rica listed here

John Dixon & Associates is pleased to announce its Multi-Seller Real Estate Auction. 97± properties in 5 states plus Costa Rica.

What to know before buying a property that hasn’t been built yet

completing the recommended investigations into the legitimacy of the developer and their compliance with Costa Rica law is a relatively small investment for your peace of mind.

Are traffic jams changing the Central Valley real estate market?

How much is traffic in the Central Valley affecting real estate sales? A change in the market may be imminent as more families try to relocate to a better location closer to their workplace.

CRGAR becomes first officially bilingual national real estate association in Costa Rica

This year, the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR) will become Costa Rica’s first truly bilingual, national association of real estate professionals.

Is Costa Rica in a real estate bubble?

Here are some of the signs that Costa Rica is in a real estate bubble — lending, borrowing and building at a pace that appears to be unsustainable. What will happen when this bubble bursts?

Would you trust a taxi driver to sell you real estate in Costa Rica?

Looking to buy your dream home in Costa Rica? Why not ask your taxi driver? After all, he has the same legal authority to bring buyers and sellers together as a career real estate agent — i.e., none — and he is entitled to the same fat commission.

Will real estate licensing soon be mandatory in Costa Rica?

Proposal to require real estate licensing in Costa Rica is supported by professionals at a national conference.

What’s behind the high-rise construction boom in Costa Rica

Experts say a boom in high-rise construction in the Central Valley is driven by changing consumer preferences, favorable credit conditions and quality of life concerns.

Rent hikes capped, indexed to inflation under bill approved by lawmakers

The Legislative Assembly approved a bill that limits annual increases in rent to the inflation rate, and sets a cap of 10 percent, with possible exceptions.
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