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How to avoid being fleeced when buying property in Costa Rica

Would you give $100K of your life savings to your banker without receiving any documents that prove the deposit? I would not, and I wouldn’t give it to a real estate developer in Costa Rica without proof of ownership either.

Don’t want to pay your condo fees? Do you want to keep your condo?

Costa Rican law regulates the effective collection of condominium maintenance fees, and the consequences of non-payment can be as severe as being evicted and losing your property.

Can the condo fee make home buyers in Costa Rica feel sick?

If you are shopping around for a condo in Costa Rica, you might not realize that you will need to pay a condo fee as soon as you have closed on your purchase. The condo fee might double or even triple once the HOA takes over the administration of the condominium.

What’s new this year in US expat taxes

While it’s nearly impossible to master the U.S. tax code, you don’t need to be a guru on the subject to demonstrate to your...

Special home financing offered at Construction and Housing Expo this week

Several financial institutions have announced their terms and conditions for financing options they are offering this week at the Construction and Housing Expo at the Pedregal Events Center in Belén, Heredia, on housing projects ranging from $45,000 to more than $1 million dollars.

Should you purchase your real estate in Costa Rica with stacks of cash?

In the beginning of the 90s, a client of mine brought a suitcase of money to Costa Rica, who knows what bank he had robbed. It was pretty normal back in those days to buy real estate in cash. We had cash buyers all the time then, and people would bring stacks of dollar bills.
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Costa Rica’s Sloths Take Center Stage on “60 Minutes”

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Kevin Costner Vacations in Costa Rica

One of Hollywood's most distinguished personalities, Kevin Costner, has chosen the land of ‘Pura Vida’ for his latest gateway. The acclaimed U.S. actor, director, and...

13 Barely Useful Language Tips for Mastering Costa Rican Spanish

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Air France-KLM Group Expands Service to Costa Rica

Starting December 4, Air France will operate a daily flight between San José's Juan Santamaría International Airport and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Meanwhile, KLM will...