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Todd Staley


Are the Chinese killing Costa Rica’s ocean?

I was recently chastised on social media for not mentioning China in my recent Tico Times article about Costa Rica’s ocean management, I don´t...

Costa Rica’s two oceans: One big, dysfunctional family

Costa Rica is bordered on two sides by oceans, the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and Caribbean Sea on the east coast. The...

Is Costa Rica banning fishing for Blue Marlin and Tarpon?

Rumors and uncertainty are running rabid in the sport fishing community after a list of endangered or threatened species was published in the Gaceta,...

Fishing in Costa Rica: A Guide on Where and When to Go

An overview of Costa Rica's best fishing spots and species.

Costa Rica sport fishermen: We’re no angels

This old fisherman is about to open a can of worms again. I’m sure I will hear about, it but I would be a...

A letter to President Chinchilla: Save the Costa Rican spinner dolphins

Dear Sra. Presidenta, You are coming to the end of your term of what has to be the most thankless job in Costa Rica. I can’t imagine the stress of a job where no matter what decision you make, it has its critics.

The grenade and the grouper: A fish tale

On Costa Rica conservation, artificial reefs, bait grenades and one giant fish.

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