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Historic Honor for Costa Rica’s Angela Acuña Braun

In a historic tribute to a trailblazing figure in Costa Rican history, Angela Acuña Braun, the first woman to earn a law degree in the country, has been posthumously honored with a permanent artistic portrait in Washington, D.C. The unveiling took place during a recent visit by a Costa Rican government delegation to the United States capital.

Angela Acuña Braun made history not only within the borders of Costa Rica but also on the international stage as the first ambassador of her country to the Organization of American States (OAS).

Her remarkable journey through life and her exceptional achievements were celebrated in the unveiling of a stunning artwork that will forever remember her legacy in the “Women Who Transformed the Americas” Gallery.

She was born in Cartago in 1888 and is fondly remembered as the first woman to complete a law degree not only in Costa Rica but in all Central America. Her pioneering spirit extended beyond her educational achievements.

Braun was also a passionate advocate for women’s suffrage, playing a vital role in advancing the cause of women’s right to vote in Costa Rica.

Her career was deeply intertwined with international affairs and human rights, with a special focus on children’s and women’s rights. Her dedication to these important causes led her to the Organization of American States in 1958, where she became an ambassador for her country. She later played a prominent role in the Inter-American System of Human Rights, leaving an indelible mark on the regional human rights landscape.

Braun’s remarkable journey came to an end in 1983 when she passed away at the age of 95. Her contributions to Costa Rican society and the global human rights movement were recognized with the title of “Benemérita de la Patria” in the 1980s, honoring her as a Distinguished Figure of the Nation.

Additionally, the National Institute for Women awards the National Prize for Gender Equality and Equity in her name, ensuring that her legacy endures for generations to come.

President Rodrigo Chaves, during the portrait unveiling, emphasized the significance of Angela Acuña’s accomplishments, particularly her courage in challenging the barriers of her time.

He underscored that 2023 is a vastly different world from the era in which she made history, making her achievements even more extraordinary.

Angela Acuña Braun’s enduring legacy continues to inspire and serve as a symbol of progress and gender equality not only in Costa Rica but throughout the Americas.

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