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Costa Rica Highlighted in the 21 Days of Latin Music

Costa Rica’s vibrant musical landscape reflects the country’s geographic diversity, with influences from both the Pacific and Caribbean leaving their mark. This duality can be heard in today’s 21 Days of Musica Latina mix, which explores genres born on Costa Rica’s contrasting coasts.

On the Caribbean side, calypso and its modern offshoots endure as essential elements of the country’s cultural heritage. Brought by Afro-Caribbean immigrants from the West Indies, calypso took hold especially in the province of Limón, which has produced legends like Walter Ferguson, the “King of Calypso.” Contemporary groups like Marfil also hail from the Caribbean region, blending reggae, soca and soul into a distinctive Costa Rican sound.

Costa Rican Music: A Diverse and Rich Tradition

Costa Rican music is a diverse and rich tradition that is influenced by the country’s indigenous people, European settlers, and African slaves. The most popular genre of Costa Rican music is marimba, which is a type of folk music played on a marimba, a xylophone-like instrument. Marimba bands often perform at traditional festivals and celebrations.

Popular genres of Costa Rican music include:

  • Trova: A type of folk music that is characterized by its simple melodies and lyrics.
  • Cumbia: A dance music that is popular in many Latin American countries.
  • Samba: A Brazilian dance music that is also popular in Costa Rica.
  • Reggae: A Jamaican music genre that is popular among young people in Costa Rica.
  • Rock: Costa Rica has a thriving rock scene, with many bands playing a variety of rock subgenres, such as punk rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock.

Costa Rican Music in the 21st Century

In recent years, Costa Rican music has become more diverse and international. Many Costa Rican musicians are now incorporating elements of other genres, such as hip hop and electronic music, into their music. This is leading to a new and exciting sound that is unique to Costa Rica.

Some of the most popular Costa Rican musicians recently include:

  • Debi Nova: A singer-songwriter who performs a variety of genres, including pop, jazz, and folk.
  • Habacuc: A band that plays a mix of rock, reggae, and Latin music.
  • Gandhi: A band that plays a mix of rock, pop, and reggae music.
  • Inti-Illimani: A Chilean folk band that is popular in Costa Rica.
  • Los Ajenos: A Costa Rican rock band that is known for their humorous and satirical lyrics.

Costa Rica is a country with a rich and diverse musical tradition. The 21 Days of Music is a great opportunity to learn more about Costa Rican music and culture.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, World Cafe embarks on a musical journey through Latin America. From September 15th to October 15th, each weekday will feature a specially curated playlist highlighting the essential songs, rising talents, and unexpected gems from a different Latin American nation.

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