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Love in the Time of COVID: A Journey through Costa Rica with Matt and Khani

In Netflix’s newest docuseries, viewers are taken on an unforgettable journey through the lives of New Yorkers Matt Robertson and Khani Le. The couple’s story is an extraordinary one that began with a chance meeting on the dating app, Hinge, in February 2020. They decided to take a leap of faith and embarked on a romantic trip to Costa Rica, not knowing what was in store for them.

The couple’s adventure starts with a flight from JFK Airport on March 17, just as the world was starting to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, their plan was to spend five days in Costa Rica’s beautiful Guanacaste province, but their journey was far from smooth sailing.

After enjoying a few days of bliss, they learned that their return flight was canceled, and they were left stranded in a foreign country. The two lovers were forced to spend 79 days together, dealing with the uncertainty and fear that came with the pandemic’s worldwide spread.

The docuseries takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing the couple’s ups and downs. We see how their relationship transformed over time and the many challenges they faced during confinement. From dealing with the stress of being stranded to navigating their new life together, Matt and Khani’s love story is both inspiring and heartwarming.

The series also highlights the importance of staying positive and finding ways to cope with life’s unexpected curveballs. It showcases how Matt and Khani made the best of their situation by finding joy in each other’s company and exploring the beauty of Costa Rica.

Their story of perseverance and strength during an unprecedented time is one that resonates with many. As the couple reflects on their experience, they encourage others to take chances in love and life, even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Matt and Khani’s journey is a reminder that love can thrive even in the most challenging situations. As the world continues to navigate through the pandemic, their story offers hope and inspiration to those seeking to find love and make the most of life’s unexpected moments.

Netflix’s latest docuseries is a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming story of love, hope, and resilience. The show offers a glimpse into the lives of two people who found love in the most unlikely of circumstances and encourages viewers to never give up on love and life.

You can follow Matt on Instagram to keep up to date on how the story continues to unfolds.

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