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Rural Tourism in Costa Rica’s Pérez Zeledón

Pérez Zeledón is in the southern region of Costa Rica. It’s known for being home to Cerro Chirripó and Los Crestones. However, this area offers a wide range of rural tourism activities that national and international tourists can enjoy throughout the year.

Jorge Fallas, president of the Chamber of Rural Experiences, mentioned that the growth of rural tourism in Pérez Zeledón is remarkable.

He explained that the solidarity of the families involved in the tourism business is outstanding, as they offer authentic tourism activities that preserve the cultural values, traditions, and natural resources of a destination with great potential.

According to the ICT’s Cultural Tourism Guide of Pérez Zeledón (soon to be launched), the area of Pérez Zeledón is a region with agricultural roots and still dominates the local economy.

“We invite everyone to visit Pérez Zeledón and discover all it offers. We’re close to Dominical Beach (less than 30 minutes away). We have varied microclimates that generate a great variety of flora and fauna safeguarded by many protected areas and some biosphere reserves, bird-watching sites, and a variety of rural tourism alternatives.

These activities have allowed many families to find opportunities for economic growth. Precisely, for these and other reasons, we recently launched the campaign Come to Perez,” said Gregory Lopez, coordinator of the Tourism Management Office of the Municipality of Perez Zeledon.

Those who visit the area can also enjoy horseback riding, oxcart and buffalo rides, and interactive tours at “La Molina” Farm.

The handicraft store “Mujeres del Valle” offers a wide range of unique products from the Brunca Region. This an example of female empowerment, as dozens of women entrepreneurs joined together to sell various products and regional cuisine, thus creating the business.

In addition, Pérez Zeledón stands out for the quality of its coffee. The Granados Farm and Coffee Shop is an example of extraordinary coffee. It allows tourists to enjoy a tour that concludes with gourmet-coffee tasting.

For those who would like a less challenging hike at the Chirripó National Park, the Rural Tourism Association of Cerro Ena reorganizes and offers new access to Cerro Chirripó, passing through the Sabana de Los Leones with the support of experienced guides and muleteers. It’s also possible to visit Cerro Ena.

Pérez Zeledón is an ideal rural tourism area for those who seek adventure and practice ecotourism and discover new areas of Costa Rica.

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