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Tico Times Donates Improvements for La Carpio Playground

If you were in business school anywhere in the world, the idea of having an English language newspaper/media company in a Central America country of just 5 million Spanish speaking people would most likely get you kicked to the curb, academically.

However, it is what it is.

All of us spend everyday, 365 days a year reporting on local news and events. Trying to improve the user experience and avoid click bait negativity and divisive political content.

We just want to try to call balls and strikes when appropriate. That includes highlighting the beauty of Costa Rica, its culture, natural wonders and how to enjoy and protect them.

The Tico Times is considered an institution here in Costa Rica. It has been in Costa Rica publishing since 1956. So that was probably why we at the Tico Times got word that there was an issue for the kids in La Carpio.

The playground in La Carpio is about the size of an open air high school basketball court . Surrounded by fences and concertina wire.

As any local knows, La Carpio is a dangerous place for anyone on any day, much less children.

Nonetheless, if you go down at 4:30 in the morning there are literally hundreds of people lined up to take buses to go to work as day laborers. Tough people in a tough place.

 For many parents this playground is the only safe place for their children and the only place for them to play outside. There is a gate to get in and local volunteers that keep an eye on everything.

The screening that covers the play area keeps the tropical sun off the kids in the summer time, and the rains in the rainy season.

After many years the screening has frayed to the point that kids were losing soccer balls and basketballs. The playground is surrounded by the barrio and a mine on one side, and a dump on the other side with a cliff of over 200 meters.

Once the balls leave the playground, they are gone.

In contact with local community leaders we decided to do what we could. We looked for 4 bids to get the material and some local help. We hope to install it Wednesday.

Fingers crossed. Update to come with photos.

We at the The Tico Times just want to thank all of our readers for giving us the opportunity to do what we do.

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