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Costa Rica Boy Snatched By Crocodile In Front Of His Family

Costa Rica authorities continued their search for a small boy that was attacked by a large crocodile late Sunday afternoon. The boy was spending the day with his family along the Matina River not far the village of Cuatro Millas in the Caribbean province of Limon.

The child was swimming along the river bank when the tragic incident occurred. Reportedly other members of his family were fishing nearby and were unable to reach the boy in time to save him. Locals say the river is home to a large population of crocodiles and at this time of year the reptiles tend to become more aggressive.

Crocodiles are common throughout Costa Rica and while attacks on people are rare they do occur from time to time. Recently a fisherman was killed in the southern zone along the Coto Brus river. In that attack the angler was grabbed by a crocodile but was rescued by a brave friend. 

He was dragged out of the river but when his friend went to get help the crocodile returned and took the man back into the river resulting in his death.

Experts warn that the popular pastime of fishing along riverbanks is inherently dangerous, especially when anglers wade into the dark waters.

Mental health professionals have been speaking with the family while the search for the boy continues.

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