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Costa Rica’s Irazú and Poás National Parks Inaugurate New Facilities

Irazú Volcano National Park and Poás Volcano National Park inaugurated a store, cafeteria, and parking services to reactivate the economy, generating employment in the surrounding communities and providing better facilities for tourist enjoyment.

Bringing people closer to natural resources and promoting ecotourism demands a series of facilities and services known as Non-Essential Services and Activities (SANE) in Wildlife Protected Areas (WPAs).

At the Poás Volcano National Park, authorities from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) inaugurated the store and cafeteria services, in charge of Fredo Fresas S.A.

In addition, the Costa Rican Red Cross, San Pedro de Poás Committee, will be in charge of the parking service administration. The price for this service for motorcycles is 1,200 colones, for light vehicles 2,750 colones and finally for small and large buses 5,000 colones.

In the Irazú Volcano National Park, the Red Cross, Tierra Blanca Committee, was granted a concession to inaugurate a store, cafeteria, and parking services.

Regarding the parking service at the Irazú Volcano National Park, the established prices are for motorcycles 1,000 colones, for light vehicles 2,500 colones, for small buses 2,500 colones and large buses 3,000 colones.

“We are once again reaffirming our commitment to promote a green economic reactivation through the strengthening of National Parks and Protected Wildlife Areas hand in hand with the communities and always safeguarding Costa Rica’s natural resources and Natural Heritage,” said Environment Minister Franz Tattenbach.

The Minister reiterated the importance of sustainable tourism as a driver of economic activity in these areas.

“Ecotourism, as one of the ecosystem services facilitated and developed in the Protected Wildlife Areas (ASP) of Costa Rica, promotes an approach of people to natural resources and a demand for services and facilities that allow a better enjoyment in their contact with nature,” he said.

Rafael Gutiérrez Rojas, Vice Minister of the Environment and Executive Director of SINAC expressed his satisfaction with the “possibilities for the communities in the area of influence of this Protected Wildlife Area to benefit from economic activities through sustainable employment and at the same time improve the quality of visits and enjoyment of nature.”

These services are offered to encourage national and foreign tourists to visit Costa Rica’s beautiful national parks. Tickets can be purchased through the following link:

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