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Green Jobs in Costa Rica: A way to reduce unemployment and achieve sustainability

At the International Congress on Sustainable Cities 2022, a group of experts presented a strategy to increase job opportunities by creating green employment in Costa Rica. This proposal will be carried out in coordination with The National Decarbonization Plan.

These specialists mentioned Costa Rica has very favorable conditions to be able to develop a strategy to increase green job opportunities.

Costa Rica already has a head start in this area. First of all, the country’s brand is already positioned worldwide as a sustainable destination, international companies already know, it is a good place to do green business and with a high degree of sustainability.

Green jobs are a great option for the country, we already have good bases in tourism, big investors come here because our professionals are recognized for their high level of preparation,” explained Nicolás Ramírez, executive director of the Green Building Council Costa Rica, producer of the Congress.

According to him the shift towards a sustainable economy can even be healthy for the country, as economies that grow on purely industrialized models suffer impacts in many areas.

“If we achieve this balance between the environment, the economic and the social, and we make our industry work under these three axis, we will keep a healthy economy long-term,” said Nicolás Ramírez.

Among the sectors with the greatest potential to expand the green jobs offer is the construction industry, since everything related to sustainable projects is on the rise and this generates healthier job opportunities with fair remuneration.

The manufacturing sector also has a great opportunity to develop these jobs, since there is an increasing demand for a product that is made from renewable materials and resources, without causing harm to the environment.

In addition, the tourism area can incorporate these jobs as well. Costa Rica, has incorporated sustainability as a key element, positioning itself as a global example, generating a strong industry with great growth opportunities.

“According to the latest survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Census of Costa Rica (INEC) unemployment reached 13.6% for the first quarter of 2022, which represents more than 300,000 people. These opportunities that generate green jobs can be an alternative to reduce that number and lessen the environmental impact of current economic activity,” Ramirez concluded.

Costa Rica’s socioeconomic reality implies implementing new alternatives for job creation, while preserving the country’s most important attraction: its natural resources.

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