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Is Costa Rica Good For Digital Nomads?

Long gone are the days of the traditional office setting where you arrive at 9 and leave at 5, sitting at your desk with a mundane view of your cubicle walls. The office has evolved alongside technology redefining the essence of workspaces. Costa Rica has become a popular digital nomad destination with its alluring pura vida lifestyle creating opportunities for a healthier work life balance.

Why do Digital Nomads choose Costa Rica

The sounds of the howler monkeys in the distance interrupting your train of thought, breathing in the fresh, pure air as you put your feet up in your hammock is just one of the typical offices people have created for themselves in Costa Rica and one of the many reasons digital nomads choose Costa Rica.

There is no longer one formula that works for everyone as society evolves into a remote and asynchronous world, however, in addition to its easy going lifestyle the cost of living can be quite low. There are many inexpensive ways to eat like the fruit markets in many towns both big and small with colorful mangoes exploding with flavor and delicious pineapples bursting with juice and endless coconuts.

There is also inexpensive eating at local restaurants, called sodas, where you can appreciate the flavors of Costa Rica foods while keeping your expenses low.

Keep in mind that as in most places that digital nomads travel to, imported items and treating yourself to the luxuries that you would have had at home all come with a cost and will add up over time.


Strong wi-fi and reliability is the life force to successfully working as a digital nomad and depending on where you have decided to set up base can greatly affect this. Fiber optic Wi-Fi has not been established in all areas of the country so it is important to do some research before determining your location. 

During the rainy season you can expect temporary outages and inconsistencies with it going in and out at times, especially if you are working further out into the jungle away from central areas.  But the great thing about Costa Rica is that the presence of digital nomads has been recognized and many co-working spaces are now becoming available throughout the country.

Co-working spaces scatter the shores of the Pacific Coast and are popping up in popular tourist destinations throughout Costa Rica and into the capital of San Jose offering high speed internet and a friendly community atmosphere to connect with other digital nomads. All the amenities you need are available from traditional meeting rooms, to quiet hammocks and views of the beach as you respond to your emails.

Traveling as a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

There is a sense of freedom in the digital nomad life simply needing your laptop and Wi-Fi and you are ready to work. Costa Rica offers a laid-back lifestyle where you do not feel the need to conform to societal norms, free to be yourself with a work hard and play hard vibe.

Lunch breaks are no longer confined to the four walls in the stuffy back lunch rooms but under a shady palm watching the line of surfers out in the distance awaiting the next big wave.  The warm climate all year long encourages people to get off the grid and head outdoors but still provides the ability to remain connected.

There are two seasons in Costa Rica, rainy wet season and dry hot season yet both create amazing opportunities for exploration.  A day off work could mean swimming around a gorgeous waterfall, hiking a volcano, ziplining over the rainforests and walking through the haunting cloud forests.

The sounds of the birds flying above you as you type away, your afternoon break is a ride on your bike to the coffee and bakery shop chatting with the friendly locals or simply looking up from your computer and drowning your sights in greenery, its all readily available.

There is no need for a snooze button as you wake with excitement for another day with a cup of Costa Rican coffee then off in the early morning for some surfing or surf lessons. Not into surfing? There are also coastal towns that are exploding with digital nomads across Costa Rica with yoga and mediation on the sandy shores as the warm sun greets you for another day then off to a workspace with tropical forest views.

Costa Rica is a country of astounding biodiversity and landscapes with endless adventures to fill your calendar for weeks at a time.

Final Thoughts

A digital nomad life in Costa Rica brings an overall sense of happiness to one’s spirit and reflects in the elevated levels in your work. Your biggest stress is deciding which amazing place to visit next whether your weekend will be a cabin in the mountains as the clouds roll through, or searching for the country’s national symbol, the sloth, in one of the countless beautiful National Parks.

It is recognized that a healthy mind and spirit is what promotes productive work energy and longevity in a career. With Costa Rica’s biodiversity and microclimates, rich lush jungles and cloud forests, ocean waves and sprawling mountains it is the perfect prescription for success.

Costa Rica is not one of the cheapest places to live out your tropical dream office, however, if you are smart with your planning it can work out quiet well.

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