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All-on-4 dental implants or snap-on dentures in Costa Rica

Sadly, some people suffer severe tooth loss as a result of disease or trauma. Such a loss can significantly lower their quality of life and even affect them psychologically.

In the past, the only option open to these people was dentures. However, dentures offer a near-insurmountable disadvantage: they often shift out of their place in public or get food lodged beneath them, which can be embarrassing or even painful.

But now there are two much better options for people with severe tooth loss: All-on-4s or Snap-on Dentures. Let’s analyze these options a bit.

1. All-on-4s: This option is considered superior to Snap-on Dentures, as they perform better in virtually all aspects. They are stable, resistant, strong and their bite is as hard as a normal bite. They also don’t require any extra hygiene other than the normal brushing you’d do with natural teeth and your regular visits to your local dentist.

The procedure involves minor surgery, during which 4 dental implants (sometimes more) are inserted in your jawbone. The implants are given 4 to 6 months to fuse with the jawbone and become part of it. After that, one or two arc bridges with crowns in place are attached permanently to the tops of the implants.

The disadvantage of this option is its price (which many people discover is affordable simply by coming to Costa Rica) and that people with certain conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes or cancer, may not be candidates for the procedure.

2. Snap-on Dentures: This option is not as good as All-on-4s, but still better than regular dentures. Snap-on dentures still have to be taken out at night and cleaned in the same manner as regular dentures, although they don’t move out of place.

The procedure also involves minor surgery, but in many cases it requires only two, or sometimes four, dental implants. A new denture is fabricated or your old dentures are adjusted so that they have “clips” that attach them to the dental implants. Snap-on Dentures may be an option for people who aren’t candidates for All-on-4s. The procedure is also a bit cheaper.

Obviously, for those who can afford them, All-on-4s is the preferred option. And if you can’t afford them in your home country, come to Costa Rica, where most patients save 50% or more on their dental care. offers a completely free referral service to help patients get connected to the leading dental clinics and dental implant centers in Costa Rica. This site and free referral service has helped thousands of American and Canadian patients get amazing smiles at affordable rates. It can be a bit scary trying to find the right dental clinic for your needs. This site and free service makes it all a bit easier, with the assurance that you will find a qualified, safe dental clinic that caters to international patients.

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