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Maduro-appointed diplomats leave embassy in Costa Rica on schedule

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Monday in a press release that the diplomatic personnel of the Nicolás Maduro regime, who worked in the Venezuelan Embassy in Costa Rica, have left the country.

The officials’ departure occurred upon the conclusion of a 60-day grace period granted by Costa Rica which began Feb. 15.

Venezuelan diplomat Nabil Mora departed Costa Rica on April 14, while Angélica Ramírez and Nelly de la Mata left the country on April 13 but re-entered the country using ordinary passports.

“They are no longer recognized as representatives of Venezuela in Costa Rica, and therefore, do not enjoy immunities and privileges,” the Foreign Ministry press release reads.

Costa Rica is one of dozens of countries that recognizes Juan Guaidó as acting president of Venezuela. The 35-year-old opposition leader appointed Maria Faria as ambassador to Costa Rica in February.

The Lima Group, which includes Costa Rica, issued a statement Monday in which 12 countries renewed their recognition of Guaidó and “reaffirm their support to a peaceful process of recovery of democracy and the rule of law […] led by the Venezuelans themselves in the framework of the Constitution and International Law, and condemn the use of force by the illegitimate regime of Maduro.” 

Venezuela lives a humanitarian, political, economic and moral crisis generated by the illegitimate and dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro, which constitutes a threat to international peace and security with regional and global effects,” the Lima Group statement reads. 



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