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Rosario Murillo For President in 2011?

Rosario Murillo, the unpopular and powerful first lady of Nicaragua, could run for president in 2011 if the National Assembly doesn’t reform the Constitution to allow President Daniel Ortega to seek re-election, according to Supreme Court magistrate and de-facto Sandinista spokesman Rafael Solís. “It is obvious that if there are not reforms, there is a strong possibility that Rosario will be the candidate,” said Solís, who is promoting the constitutional reforms on behalf of his leader, President Ortega.

Murillo, 57, is head of government communication and is very influential in controlling the Councils of Citizen Power, or CPCs. She already shares many of the presidential functions with her husband and is allegedly feared within the Sandinista ranks.

The latest public opinion poll, released last week by M&R Consultants, shows Murillo has a 17 percent approval rating.



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