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Learn 2,000 Year Old Himalayan Ishayas Techniques

FOR those yearning for a higher level of spiritually,an introductory lesson to the Ishayas Techniques, whichis known to have a “rapid and profound affects on people’slives,” is scheduled in English at the Radisson HotelNov. 13-14.The courses are designed to benefit daily aspects ofaverage peoples lives, said director and instructor,Maharishi Sakti Ishaya.“The present moment is the most important, becauseit is the only one that truly exists,” Ishaya, 42, said.“Every time one thinks about one of the techniques, theirattention is brought into the present moment.”During the weekend session, the Ishayas techniqueswill be taught in a general introductory course, called thefirst sphere. The first four Ishayas techniques are introducedand the teachers will explain howto practice and apply these concepts indaily living.The origin of the Ishayas techniquesis uncertain. However, followers of thediscipline believe they originated in theHimalayas, where they were preservedin secret for more than 2,000 years,until humanity was ready to receivethem at the end of the 20th century.“The Ishayas techniques are notaffiliated with any religion based on aparticular philosophy,” Ishaya said.“They can be practiced by anyone, ofany religion or belief system.”THE most fundamental of all thetechniques involves praise. People need to positivelyreinforce they are good people and that problems are aresult of the way individuals perceive what is wrong withtheir subjective lives.To heal relationships that have been damaged in theobjective world, including our bodies, Ishaya said it isimperative to destroy all the judgments and fears that arefelt toward surroundings.Ishaya insists that having love improves life and naturallyincreases self-esteem.“Love heals our relationships with the source, theascendant, the absolute and the infinite,” Ishaya said.The last technique involves healing relationships withthe rest of humanity through cognition, which is definedby Webster’s Dictionary as, “the mental process of knowing,including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoningand judgment.”THE four ideas are the foundation to exploring andfinding the universal truth, and distancing from oldthoughts and behaviors, Ishaya said.“Most of us spend our lives worrying about the futureor regretting the past,” she added. “We spend very littletime here and now, in this moment.”Disciplinarians of Ishayas techniques feel that mostpeople aspire for many of the same things – includinghappiness, freedom, love, peace, fulfillment, health andlove – all of which are available by using Ishayas techniques.One of the most common problems is that people lookto outside sources to feel better, when in actuality findingtrue happiness is an inside job.“Finding the unconditional, eternal love that resideswithin us all is essential,” Ishaya said.ISHAYA was born in Australia and is the director ofthe Maharishi Sakti Center, whichserves as a training facility for futureishayas teachers. Ishaya received hertraining in the United States at theSociety For Ascension (SFA).Ishaya was a professional singer inMelbourne, Australia and first becameacquainted with the Ishayas principlesat one of her shows. She took the FirstSphere course and immediately realizedthat she had found something special.“This was the missing link. It’swhat I had been looking for my entirelife,” she said.Ishaya is the author of three books;two of them, “The Missing Link” and“Hey God It’s Time To Wake Up,” are available inEnglish, the book “Técnicas de los Ishayas” is in Spanish.All are available at Universal Bookstore.In the past four years, more than 10,000 people havebeen taught in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Miami,Florida. The Maharishi Sakti Ishaya academy for LatinAmerica and the Iberian Peninsula is located in SantaMarta, Colombia.THE First Sphere course is scheduled Nov. 13-14,from 8 a.m.-noon and 2-5 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel. Thegeneral fees are $120 for the two day session and thereare special rates for groups, students and senior citizens.A free introduction will be given Nov. 11 at 6 p.m. inthe Universal Bookstore at the Multiplaza East in Zapote,in southeast San José.This lecture is designed to help familiarize the publicwith the benefits of the Ishayas techniques. It is scheduledto last about an hour, during which time the publicwill have a chance to ask questions.All of the events will be in English and simultaneouslytranslated to Spanish. For more info, see the Web siteat or for reservations call 240-3478or 383-8883.


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