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Cambiando paradigmas en La Carpio por medio del voluntariado

At the request of La Carpio community leaders, we are presenting this series in translation for Spanish-language readers. Read the original English series, which we...

Changing paradigms in La Carpio through volunteering

In Part Three of our four-part series, meet the volunteers and students behind SIFAIS, the innovative program transforming La Carpio through cultural education.

Following threats, poachers allegedly attack sea turtle conservationists in Costa Rica, Sea Shepherd says

A gang of more than 10 poachers carrying sticks, machetes and guns allegedly attacked the international volunteers on Pacuare beach, Sea Shepard Central America spokesman Jorge Serendero told The Tico Times on Friday.

Fighting global warming, one tree at a time

Founded in 2010, Community Carbon Trees, headquartered in the Southern Zone town of Platanillo, owns twelve different farms managed by trained crew members and experienced locals. Carbon Trees plants all of its trees exclusively on degraded farmland owned by local families.

Making a difference in a one-of-a-kind town

Our visit to San Jerónimo wasn’t just an opportunity to see the sights, swim the waterfalls, and hike the trails; it was a chance to live the rural mountain life in the company of a welcoming community, while engaging in an enriching cultural exchange.

Santa Teresa lifeguards get creative to keep beaches safe

Motivated by increased drownings that they perceived as preventable, a group of passionate people in this small, yet increasingly popular beach town have started their own nonprofit lifeguard program, Santa Teresa Lifeguards. They hope to not just save lives, but also to prevent dangerous situations by educating the public on water safety.

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