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Venezuela opposition

Venezuela opposition controls legislature minus supermajority – for now

CARACAS – Venezuela's opposition on Tuesday took control of the legislature for the first time in 17 years but failed for the time being to clinch the two-thirds "supermajority" it had hoped for.

Venezuela court blocks a defiant opposition

Venezuela's highest court on Wednesday effectively blocked the two-thirds majority that the opposition won in this month's landmark legislative elections by suspending the inauguration of three incoming lawmakers.

Maduro under pressure as Venezuela opposition claims big win

Venezuelan opposition leaders said Tuesday they won a two-thirds majority in the legislature, which could challenge President Nicolás Maduro's grip on power in the oil-rich but crisis-hit nation.

Struggles loom as Venezuela opposition vows to fix crisis

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela's jubilant opposition vowed Monday to drag the oil-rich country out of its economic crisis and free political prisoners after winning control of congress from socialist President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition leader shot dead at campaign event: lawmaker

A Venezuelan opposition leader was shot dead Wednesday evening during a rally for the country's upcoming legislative elections, a lawmaker said.

Venezuelan beer magnate accused of treason

Lawmakers from Venezuela's ruling Socialist party filed treason charges Wednesday against a prominent billionaire businessman and owner of the country's iconic Polar beer company for allegedly seeking an IMF bailout for the country.

Venezuela opposition figure arrested on return from exile

Venezuelan opposition politician Manuel Rosales, who fled into exile after authorities charged him with corruption in 2009, was arrested Thursday after returning from Aruba, officials said.

Venezuela and mature democracies

It’s surprising how much of the international community has remained silent about recent political imprisonments in Venezuela. No commitment to democracy is meaningful if political imprisonment is tolerated anywhere. In the case of Costa Rica, the silence is shameful.

Costa Rican lawmakers urge political asylum for Venezuela opposition

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González told reporters on Tuesday that the government would not extend offers of asylum to Venezuelan opposition leaders, but that any requests would be treated like all others.

Venezuela arrests three generals for alleged coup plot

President Nicolás Maduro told a meeting of South American foreign ministers that the three generals, who were not identified, had been in contact with the opposition and "were trying to rise up against the legitimately constituted government."

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