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Venezuela opposition

Venezuela’s Guaido digs in as ‘acting president’ without power

Opposition leader Juan Guaido officially began a new year as Venezuela's "acting president" on Tuesday after his position was renewed by a defunct parliament...

Colombia asks US to list Venezuela as terror sponsor

Colombia urged the United States on Monday to declare neighbor Venezuela a state sponsor of terrorism

Herbs, ozone, an antiviral: Maduro’s ‘miraculous’ promises to face Covid-19

Despite Maduro's miracles, Venezuela has not yet publicly defined a vaccination plan, although it did announce the acquisition of 10 million vaccines from Russia.

Maduro strengthens his power in Venezuela after disputed vote

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, regained control of Parliament on Sunday.

Venezuela plans November reopening for tourism

The virus met a Venezuela already struggling with hyperinflation and almost seven years of recession.

Venezuela arrests two U.S. citizens for failed ‘invasion’

Venezuela claimed a group traveling on speedboats and embarking from Colombia tried to land before dawn in the northern coastal state of La Guaira but were intercepted by the military and special police units.

Venezuela pro-government political figure shot dead

Robbers shot dead Ricardo Durán Trujillo, a prominent ally of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, near Durán's home in Caracas on Tuesday night, prosecutors said.

Venezuela opposition drops deputies to break deadlock

Venezuela's opposition moved Wednesday to try to break the country's political deadlock by removing from the state legislature three of its deputies rejected by the government.

Venezuela legislature suspends session voided by court

Venezuela's opposition-controlled legislature suspended its session Tuesday after the Supreme Court declared it null and void on grounds that the new speaker defied the judiciary by swearing in three banned lawmakers.

Venezuela opposition launches fight to oust government

Venezuela's opposition launched an offensive Wednesday against President Nicolás Maduro at its first full session in control of the legislature, having vowed to oust him within six months.

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